How to move to London.

Just 10 more days before I move to London. Yesterday I finally booked my flight and earlier this week I got myself a room for the first month. I managed to reduce my possessions to 2 suitcases (one medium sized and one cabin sized one) plus a small backpack. Meaning I got rid of almost everything else! #minimalism. Right now I am on my way to Hamburg to crash my Mum´s place for a few days because I already subleased my apartment in Hanover. It is getting serious!

Is it really that easy to move to London? It´s not! When I arrive I will have to get a permanent room first so that I can get a proof of residency which again allows me to apply for a National Insurance Number equaling a work permission. When I have the NI Number I can finally go job hunting to have an income since London is freakin´expensive… just a few examples: A room in a shared flat close to the center ist at least 700-1000€. Public Transportation will cost me 180 € every month. I expect my dance classes to cost 300€ a month and last but not least food costs more than in Germany as well. It most definitely feels like I am moving to New York again. My savings are just 3500€ right now (due to my expensive South Africa travels) so approximately 2 month until I have to have figured out everything. I am hungry though!

Let´s talk business: The Mentorship Programs are live now and they turn out to be a success. I am really happy about the turn out and can´t wait to train with my people! Other than that I am negotiating to be the main choreographer for a best of musical tour end of the year. Believe it or not I connected with the producer through an online casting platform just weeks after writing this article about the topic. Keep the thumbs pressed that it is working out for me the job would be hella fun!

My Fitness was the best ever just a week ago but now I got my wisdom teeth removed and feel like it´ll cause a few steps back.. Nevertheless the come back will happen :)

I will leave you with thought that I read the other day: First they make fun of you, then they challenge you, then they appreciate you and last but not least they will make you an example for success. Never give up!

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