Making more money with dance.

Working as a dancer and choreographer I always loved the freedom I had as well as the extreme diversity in jobs. I did live shows, music videos, TV both as a choreographer and dancer. Same diversity applies as a teacher. I always liked to be a generalist and preached to train as one (In dance and in fitness too).

However from a business standpoint I know that you make more money when you specialize - period. There are just a very few exceptions because people like to work with experts that can provide the perfect solution for their problem and they are willing to pay higher rates. Now that I take the next steps in my career, I know that I should specialize as well… there are not just choreographers for TV, for Live Music, for Film or as Stage Coaches but there are also choreographers for comedy films, for strange psycho moves and choreographers to coordinate people carrying banners at stadium shows.

Do I really want to give up my freedom? Right now I do earn enough to have a great life… I can travel, I can do what I wanna do and I can eat basically anything that I crave. Furthermore I can save some money for bigger investments. BUT I wouldn´t be able to have a family right now... So that is why I want to be more bookable to increase my income.

I know every step to do so and I am about to execute them but it still feels like I am giving up my freedom. Some of these steps are: me going to London, getting an apartment, applying for the working permission, hunting for a job, networking with other creatives, building my niche and doing a lot of work that I don´t want to do . Everything seems to be predetermined - a huge To-Do-List with things that I have to do - where is the fun? or is this just the feeling of me leaving a bigger comfort zone?

However I´d advise you to think about your strengths and what you love to do, so that you can then think about weather you want to specialize or not. Even as a dancer there are people who are known for their incredible energy, others for their insane flow/swag and others for their ability to deliver an outstanding performance. If you wanna make some coin you better find your thing :D

Alexander HeimerComment