Intelligent Dance Training

This week I got to think about intelligent training again. That has had two different reasons: First of all I started an intense training schedule for myself here in London and second of all a friend of mine mentioned the principle in his Instagram story (shoutout to Jan Kriegelsteiner - a fantastic and hard working teacher).

Now intelligent dance training starts for me with a clear choice of the training environment. You can either train for yourself which is probably the best but at the same time the hardest or you can also train with other people, on jobs as well as in dance classes/workshops with guidance of a teacher, like most people do.

It is intelligent to not waist your time; so you better pick the right classes. For me personally a class has to full-fill at least one of these criteria:

1) It is taught by a great teacher and you learn a lot

2) It is fun and you have a good time

3) The class will be profitable -> in terms of good networking opportunities with the teacher or certain students

4) It is out of your comfort zone and refreshing.

Can you think of more points? Let me know!

If you choose the right environment step two is to make the most of your time. It is stupid to just train all day long if you can get the same out of just one hour because of a better focus. If you already have an insane focus, okay then go ahead and train as long as you can keep this state of mind.

Now what does focus mean? You have to have a goal for each class. It may be to train your quality of movement (flow, dynamics & textures), range of motion (incl. levels), performance (bodylanguage, facial expression & intention), cleanliness (lines & timing) or something else. Sometimes the teacher will tell you one but to be honest it is the students job to have a certain focus. The teacher will always choose something that will fit the needs of the entire class and usually not something too individual that just one student benefits of.

When training these things the goal should be to automate those skills. You body should memorize them as normal…. So what I like to do is to keep the same focus for multiple sessions! It might not be as much fun as to switch it up every time but you will grow so much faster. Training and thinking about everything at once is super inefficient.

To do all of this you need to be aware of your weaknesses and strength. So analyze with videos and make sure to get qualified feedback of people who are good in seeing those things. A good teacher will be able to tell you!

This is not a finished manual so I would love to keep the conversation going. Please comment or send me a DM on insta or use the contact field of my homepage so that we can exchange and grow together. Mindset is key :)

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