Key components of motivation and why I am doing all of this

Hey Guys,

I´m back! I feel like many people can´t understand why I am putting a solid career in Germany on the line for an experiment (London) but here is why:

Motivation consists of 3 components:

1) Your Environment - I loved the people around me and they were all very ambitious but in a way I was missing someone 10 times better and more successful then I was. A mentor if you will so. As human beings we learn through copying first. I had mentors for the most time of my life and I promise you there is a huge difference in someone who is teaching some general knowledge to a group of people (which you sure can benefit from as well) and someone who is mentoring you 1:1. Right now I am still missing one but I know here in London there are a many people who could do that for me. Furthermore the dance scene here in general is on such an amazing level that I just have to keep growing which I love.

2) Your why - When I started dancing I just wanted to proof that I can be cool in a way since I was a real nerd. I was and still am underestimated many times and that keeps me going. Another point is that people start calling me an inspiration and role model now… An honor! And something that I want to verify. In a sense It is one of my ways of giving back. Last but not least the job is fun. Each time I am on set or creating I have the time of my life and it is worth the struggle.

3) Your goals - As a choreographer I want to work on a movie, a world tour and with an A-List artist. All of these things are ambitious but doable.

This recipe may help you to find your drive or to be more aware. Writing them down can help a lot as well. At least you may understand why I am working 24/7 right now. Hope you like this very honest article.

I would appreciate if you´d share your 3 components with me to exchange some inspiration. Just DM me on WhatsApp, Instagram (@alex_heimer) or with the contact option of this website.

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