How to persuade people!

Hey Guys,

I‘m on my way back to the airport thinking about what relevant strategies I have used to make last week a successful one... and to be honest there was no magic to it... but maybe that is what makes it so difficult. The easy recipe:

1. You have to listen and see what somebody is missing.

2. You then have to make them aware about it or just let them know that you see it as well

3. The third step would be to advertise yourself by showing how your experiences/ values can solve their problems

4. Last but not least let them know why you choose them over others and what‘s in for you

Simple, isn‘t it? But we tend to advertise ourselves right away writing how awesome we are. Always let them know what is in for them first.

This is basically what I did to get a class in London, to get a room as well as a booking/ model job.

Also this audio book on youtube inspired me this week, you might want to check it out!