Networking For Artists (6 Tips)

Hey Guys,

I´m back! I always knew about the importance of Marketing, PR and Networking. As an introvert marketing wasn´t really hard for me to do. You can easily stay in your bubble and just send things out without opening up too much and staying kind of anonym (using the personal brand as a shield). With PR I had to learn how to approach people which was actually a bit harder but I was still able to hide behind my career by sharing only bites of selected personal details.

Networking is the real deal though…the most beneficial but the most uncomfortable one as well. If you will so Marketing and PR are the entrance tickets for good networking. Networking is basically making friends and building long term relationships. Getting along with almost everyone it is not difficult for me to build lasting friendships BUT going the first step is what drives me crazy. Some tips that have helped me:

  • Create a rule that holds you accountable. E.g. get to know on new person a week or ever other week (a rhythm that is archivable but challenging in the long term

  • Make sure to do it in a honest way. Just approach people that you want to be friends/ in business with

  • Give before you receive. Be of value for the people first and many times before you request anything at all.

  • Create a fixed time slot to update with your friends via WhatsApp, E-Mail etc.

  • Do the same with meetings, lunch and coffee dates

  • Listen and ask instead of talking all the time

Simple bt effective. When you force yourself to do the first step it will come more natural with time. If you can think of further networking hacks please let me know!!! DM me on Insta or use the contact page.

Alexander HeimerComment