Winning clients with the briefcase technique

Hey Guys,

Something that I recently discovered is the briefcase technique by Ramit Sethi which really inspired me in how to win clients or how to smash any job interview . And it is perfectly applicable to dance or any other creative freelance job! What you want to do is to prepare a proposal in form of a few pages that you print and take with you to the interview/meeting as kind of a surprise. Just write down how you could be of value for the client and all the things that you would suggest to do and how you would execute them. By handing this proposal over at the beginning of the interview after a few moments of small talk and the explaining it in detail, you will proactively take the control of the meeting. The client will value the time that you have invested to get to know their business and you tease him with what he could get which might be something that he didn´t even know he needed. You catch him off guard with this technique so he hasn´t had the time to think about what you present him so you are again in the better position. If you speak about prices next you will have the upper hand and can top it off by referring to even higher prices you found on the internet. The client will feel like a really nice deal is sitting in front of him. But watch yourself: