3 ways my friends make me a winner!

Hey Guys, it has been a while! I am almost 5 month in London now and things are happening! A few weeks ago I finally signed with an agency (can´t tell you more yet), I did my first commercial in London, taught at the legendary pineapple studios, booked a few jobs in Germany and there are a few more exciting upcoming projects in the pipeline already. My friends played a huge roll in this development. Here are 3 ways my friends make me a winner:

1) Friends teach me. Sergej opened up my eyes a while ago by telling me to stop market my self and to start selling. How? The directest way is the telephone. It is much more uncomfortable to call somebody then to send an e-mail but it is so much more effective. Since he taught me I already sold a few dance school coachings.

2) Friends hold me accountable. I recently met a very inspiring woman. She actually made me take more classes again and hanging out with her gave me so much energy to just go all in again. All it took for her was to be on it… We had a genuine exchange and I told her about some ideas. Since I want to inspire her just as much as she did inspire me I regained all momentum I had lost for a while just because I was somehow satisfied with my first results.

3) Friends are there to build you up again. Sometimes I can get very unhappy that my work isn´t showing the results I want to see. Just beginning to think so negative can bring you in a down-spiral really fast. Those are the times I can count on my friends to tell me that I can do it, that I achieved so much already and that they are proud friends.

Bonus) Telling friends about what concerns you is like journaling in terms of self-reflection. So just speaking your mind can solve problems, create ideas and clear your mind.

All of these points are showing how uplifting your inner circle can be. I am really picky about who I let into my life and try to give back as much as possible. I want us to succeed in life together!

I also read a great book called “how to make friends” for those of you who are into personal development ;)

Until next time!