My personal Top 3 audition tips for you

Hey Guys,

Our annual audition is coming up and I thought why not sharing a few tips that I learned through out the years…

My first tip is to be performing the steps and exercises during the learning phase already. Many people tend to look very focused and almost angry while picking up the choreography. Try to sell what you do right away! Practice the directions of where you want to be looking and think about what the song makes you feel like to express rather than to impress by your fast pick up. Why? On set we often have to try spontaneous ideas and changes and as choreographers we need to trust you to make it look good, even if you just learned it - so this is a very important quality we are looking for. Don´t worry about doing wrong steps…Mistakes happen!

The second tip is to be aware of how you act outside the studio before and after the audition. Make sure we can see you are a good person with a fascinating aura. Star quality is important but you want to be someone everybody wants to work with because it feels good in rehearsals etc. Don´t be in “competition mode” you are just presenting yourself… again, it is not about competing against anybody.

My last and third tip is to care about your lines, angles and timings. Those are the things that make you fit into a group of dancers. You definitely want to know the counts of the choreography to make sure you hit the right timings and that you can get back into the piece no matter when you miss a few steps or for instance if the choreographer asks you to hold a pose in the 3rd eight count on 5. I know many people struggle with counts but my advice would be to ask someone who is on it for help and practice until you get it right.

I hope this helps! If you have questions let me know via E-Mail or DM on Insta